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                    Yuan Brand

                    Yuan Sheng Mei Qi Du  (Yuan Design) is an international interior design company that is located in Beijing, Stockholm and Melbourne. It has closely cooperated with China Architecture Design and Research GroupOver the recent decade, it is specialized in providing professional and personalized custom home service for domestic and overseas high-end customers. Meanwhileit has furniture production bases in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Depending on years of industry experience and the perspective control of international and future design trends, Yuan Design has successfully established long-term relationship with many famous domestic real estate companies.

                    By operating the overseas branches productively, Yuan Design has effectively introduced the foreign design concept to the domestic market and provides professional design solutions that adapt to the local needs. Yuan Design specializes in offering a variety of design styles, which can not only maximize the customer's functional requirements, but also penetrate the original elegant and noble taste of the design concept into every design. Yuan Design has been widely praised by the design industry and its customers for its professional ethics and excellent service.

                    Every design need you have will be respected, for the principle of Yuan Design is to accomplish every customer’s wish
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